Trading Binaries the Buffett Way

Warren Buffett is renowned as one of the most brilliant and intuitive investors in the world. And when he gives investing advice, it is smart to listen. Recently, he has spoken about what the best course of action is for the average investor: a low cost index, preferably one that closely follows the S&P 500.

There are two main points to take away here. The first is that the S&P is his strongest and most reliable long term choice. There are tons of funds of all sorts out there, and tens of thousands of investment choices. Some are good, but only a few are worth investing in. The S&P is one of the best year after year.
Trading like Warren
The second point is that he emphasizes the “low fee” part. The difference of just a fraction of a percent can mean thousands of dollars each year. And current research shows that higher fees do not equal higher returns. Higher fees simply mean that it is costing you more money to participate in that fund. Continue reading