ECB Keeps Rates Steady

The European Central Bank has decided to hold interest rates steady after their latest meeting. The ECB has been criticized for having “loose” policies, but they are actually doing quite well when it comes to maintaining growth within the euro zone. Another thing to come out of the latest ECB meeting was the fact that they are going to continue their euro buyback program until at least March. This program has also been criticized with their interest rate policy, but again, the euro zone is currently seeing very similar growth to the United States’ economy right now, indicating that it is working, at least for the time being. Continue reading

Canadian Dollar Struggles

The Canadian dollar has had a rough period of time against the U.S. dollar, declining to a point that it hasn’t been in several years. The USD/CAD is now at 1.3951 compared to the 1.3735 that it stood at just five days ago, meaning that the loonie has lost a lot of spending power against the greenback in a very short period of time. It’s very close to the high point over the last year, less than half a penny off of the worst performance the CAD has seen in the last 52 weeks.

There’s a good chance that this momentum will continue, especially given the U.S. dollar’s renewed strength in the world markets. Economists believe that the problem is deeper than this, though, especially because of the fact that the Canadian stock market is also currently in decline. Continue reading